Nothing scares me more than the thought of hearing the “Swan Song”.

Seeing pictures of girls your significant other used to love stings a little. Just a bit. Not because he loved them before you, but because you start comparing yourself with them and you think of yourself as not worthy or not enough.

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Moi je voulais juste un corps
Je cherchais seulement des bras
Un lit de réconfort des délices sous les draps
Mais hélas au lieu de ca J’ai cru entendre Je t’aime

I just wanted a body
I was just looking for arms
A bed of comfort, delights under the sheets
But, alas, instead of that
I thought I heard “I love you”

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Can’t tell if La Belle Personne is the best or worst movie I’ve seen


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"Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus in Gladiator was certainly an inspiration for my characterization of Joffrey, that had a big impact, the smirk. It’s interesting sometimes  when an audience can empathize with a villain. But to get completely lost in it, it’s exciting just to be intrinsically evil and not to have a speck of good or humanity in their bones."- Jack Gleeson  (x)

The strangler is a rare poison, which makes the person unable to breathe. The poison is made from plants that are only found on islands in the Jade Sea. The leaves of the plant are picked and aged, then soaked in a wash of limes, sugar water and rare spices from the Summer Islands. The leaves are then discarded, but the liquid is kept and thickened with ash and allowed to crystallize. It turns a deep purple color.

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Jealousy in technicolor

Hinata’s far removed from his true potential, but he has rare speed and reflexes and his jump… He didn’t get the chance to play with a setter in junior high, and Kageyama is seeking for a fast spiker who can hit his tosses. Those guys are imperfect on their own, but put their abilities together… if we can utilize that combination… Karasuno will make explosive improvement!" -haikyuu!! ep.2

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all men must die, but we are not men.

t w o   s w o r d s  -  l a d i e s